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Health and Safety Philosophy Statement

It is our goal to have a safe and accident free workplace with the cooperation of all employees.

We will provide information, instruction and supervision through orientation, training sessions and on the job instructions with the intent to inform, educate and protect our workers from all health and safety hazards in the workplace.

We will strive to eliminate all foreseeable hazards in the workplace.

We will give support and assistance to our safety committee at all times.

We will provide the proper safety equipment and materials to all employees and train all employees in the proper use of such equipment.

We will respect our workers right to know about any potential hazards to which they may be exposed.

We will respect our workers right to refuse work that they believe is dangerous to either their own health and safety, or that of others.

We will respect the right to stop work by a "certified" member of our Joint Health and Safety Committee.

We will respect and encourage our workers to be part of the process of identifying and resolving workplace health and safety concerns.

We encourage all workers to report all health and safety hazards immediately.

No penalties, suspensions or disciplinary action will be taken over legitimate health and safety concerns of our employees in our workplace.